Palisades Publishing

Gabe Witcher, from the band

"Punch Brothers" plays a mean fiddle.

Thank You to the Artists who

worked on these songs with me,

Carrington with Producer

Marty Rifkin.

Copyright 2015

Marty Rifkin, producer ,
Gabe Witcher, fiddle,,
Teressa James, singer,
Rand Crenshaw, singer,

Edo "The Tank" Tancredi,  drummer,

Edo Tancredi is a well known and well used session & touring drummer, percussionist.


Randy Crenshaw is a backup singer and voice over artist. Well known for lending his Baritone to the "Two and A Half Men' title sequence.

Producer Marty Rifkin works

with many well known Artists, including Bruce Springstein

and Beck.

Teressa James &"The Rhythm Tramps" tour America when she

is not doing backup singer sessions in Los Angeles.


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